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Lance V. McCollough

President & CEO

Prosites, Inc.

I just wanted to thank Dr. Thompson for her work yesterday. My child has a lot of trauma where dentistry is concerned...they are very hard to freeze and not many dentists are willing to go the extra mile and wait so that the freezing takes. My child has been able to feel every filling and every extraction they have ever had because their pain has not been taken seriously. But yesterday was life-changing for them - not only did the sedation really help calm them, but the freezing was so thoroughly done that they felt no pain at all. It was a massive relief, not just for them but for me as well. So please pass on our gratitude to Dr. Thompson; she made it possible for my child to get a filling done without having to be afraid or feel the drill. My child has requested, too, that if they ever need this kind of work done again they could be treated by Dr. Thompson.